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A new powerfull Tool able to deploy many SMTP Servers In Under few minutes, Businesses around the globe, large and small, save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the expert knowledge built into Advanced Installer

Save time

Manual installation takes many hours even if you are an expert, but with our tool you can do all setup in 5minutes Only..


if you choose this option our tool will install both Powermta and Mailwizz in few minutes and configure all for you including spf/dkim/mx/dmarc all all

Save Money

Why spend $50,$100 or more to hire a freelancer to setup ONE server? what if you have many servers to setup? just think about it


if you choose this option our tool will install both Powermta and Interspire in few minutes and configure all for you including spf/dkim/mx/dmarc all all

Install Many Servers

With our tool you can install as many servers as you want and this takes few time only not hours and not days, our tool does all for you

Other Options

Our tool following what you need can install Mailwizz Only, Interspire Only, or Powermta Only it's up to you

Setup your own servers in minutes

Dont wait to be banned from aweber&Getresponse

All marketers know that email marketing is very hard, Aweber, Getresponse will ban your account one day, so you need to use your own servers for all your promotions…Everyone know that setup an smtp server with powermta and ips rotation takes time and costs $$…But from today you will save your time and money by using our revolutionnary tool


See how it works

We have made this Software super easy to work with


Powerful and easy-to-use

If you want to setup many servers using our tool you will need a SSH console like PUTTY or any other ssh console, and with one click our auto installer will start installation process then you just answer a view few questions and away it goes installing everything that’s needed to send out your emails in few minutes. Our software will do all for you

Take Control of your Email Marketing and Increase your ROI

It’s time for you to build your own mailing servers, you don’t need to be dependent on many email service providers that suspend your account any time and for no reason…it’s time to build your own reputation and take control of your campaigns


More key features

A lot of stuff that makes your life easier

Unlimited server licence

You can use our software to install Powermta/mailwizz/interspire on unlimited servers

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 online support through mail and Live chat available. We will reply all requests in less than 1 hour

Powerfull Tool for Marketers

Setup your server in 5minutes and blast for your offers, don't waste your time waiting for servers to be built by freelancers

What our Users are saying

Don't just take our word for it

I'm really satisfied with this tool, it saves my time and my money and best of all I can do all installation myself without any special knowledge in few minutes, Thank you
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
Marketing specialist
Just waw!!! I spent a lot of money by hiring guys in fiverr to install my servers but now I'm able to do all installation myself with one click..I really recommend this product to all affiliates
James Alfonso
James Alfonso
Affiliate Marketing
When you spend hours to install manually powermta and mailwizz and when I use your software I feel a huge difference, you make my marketing very easy, I can't thank you so much for this tool
Tom Parker
Tom Parker
Marketing Manager

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